Purpose and goals of the Eurobodalla Koalas Project.

Our volunteer project exists to revive the Eurobodalla’s wild koala population in the longer term, through citizen-science, collaboration and advocacy.

The project also exists to help others exploit the Eurobodalla’s koala story and continuing viable habitat for commercial, cultural and biodiversity reasons.

The project is ongoing and relies upon community interactions and the energy of contributors rather than a formal structure. In that sense the project is a concept, or a “movement” which enjoys in-kind sponsorship from The Coastwatchers Association Inc (the Eurobodalla’s not-for-profit environment group) and ad hoc assistance from government and other non-government entities. To the extent its limited volunteer resources permit, the project is also a service.

Priorities include desktop and field-based research, and revision and promotion of the Eurobodalla Koala Recovery Strategy.

Our short-term goals for 2020 are:

Implement and publicise our scientific work.

Contribute to the Eurobodalla’s post-fire and post-COVID-19 recovery by promoting re-imagined, nature-led economic initiatives.

Engage directly with landholders, agencies and businesses.

Seek venture capital for koala-oriented eco-businesses.

Explain potential business models, and invite businesses and other potential partners to come up with their own.

Co-edit with other stakeholders, revise and republish the Eurobodalla Koala Recovery Strategy.

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