Eurobodalla Koala Project

Reviving the Koalas of the Eurobodalla

The Revised Eurobodalla Koala Recovery Strategy 2021 is now available for use. 

Follow this link to The Revised Eurobodalla Koala Recovery Strategy 2021

Our aspiration is to rescue deforested alluvial lowlands and ensure they are connected by koala-compatible forested corridors.
Advice for householders
  • Householders with space, plant a koala tree
  • On lower spots with better soils and moisture, try Forest Red Gum, Woollybutt, Coast Grey Box or Maiden’s Gum
  • On slopes with well drained, less fertile soils, try Red Ironbark, Yellow Stringybark or White Stringybark
Advice for bush block and acreage owners
  • Bush block and acreage owners, your priority is connectivity
  • Create a natural corridor, especially along a creek line if you have one
  • Use your koala trees to link one neighbour’s vegetation to the next

This community project aims to revive Eurobodalla’s wild koala population

and will benefit the environment, our local businesses, cultural and heritage values.

Through citizen-science and collaboration with local landholders EKP will identify the large scale landscapes crucial to support koalas.

And with the help of volunteers like you, this iconic Australian native can bounce back from the fires and flourish again.

“Together we can bring back Koalas to Eurobodalla.”

Reporting local sightings

Do you have information that can feed into our project?

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Project Partners

EKP are partnering with locals and local business to;

Establish koala friendly Eco-Tourism opportunities

Create sanctuary zones


Would you like to volunteer to assist EKP?

Eurobodalla Koala Project would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands of the Eurobodalla and Far South Coast NSW. We thank Elders and Local Aboriginal Lands Councils for their guidance and input to the project. We express our privilege at being able to work on Yuin country.

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EKP are a group of people who are passionate about the protection and revitalisation of the local koala population

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